Ares Basketball Swag Shop Launched!

It has been a longer road than expected when looking to find a vendor to fulfill our swag orders. For months we scoured the internet to find companies that can print our uniforms and another to print our swag but over that time we thought, “why not local?”

Ares Basketball Mens T-Shirt Black

We quickly dropped our search for a basketball swag provider and start looking local. We ended up using two different vendors here in Tracy and were able to keep it ultra local! You can now order t-shirts, hoodies, and even towels. To see the store, use our top navigation and click on “Store” to browse and shop or click here to start browsing now.

This is just the start! We are working int he background to add more swag including socks, water bottles, hats, bands, and who knows…maybe even shoes?!?!?

Custom Ares Basketball T-Shirts and Hoodies

What is great about having a local vendor, we can customize swag! Currently we can customize the t-shirts and hoodies. Customization ranges from adding names to the chosen product to glitter…yes…glitter!

So don’t wait, go browser our Ares Basketball Shop and support Ares Basketball by showing your spirit!

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