Ares girls team starting soon!

We are excited to announce that Ares Basketball now has a brand new AAU basketball girls team!

With the first practice only a few days away, the excitement from the coaches and parents has been so much fun. This group features mostly new girls to AAU but love basketball so we look forward to developing them and watching them grow.

When was the girls basketball tryouts?

We have been looking to put together a girls team for a few months now and became lucky enough to be able and muster up enough to get a team going. So if you missed tryouts, there is nothing to worry about, we are still looking to fill a couple more spots for the season

Find out more information how to join our tryouts mailing list

When does the girls basketball season start and end?

Season starts Thursday, January 16th with our meet and great and practice following right after. The season will end in May and start back up in June.

What age group is the team?

The team consists of mostly 5th graders new to AAU. Looking for girls 4th-6th.

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