Basketball Drills at Home with Video

Stuck at home and having a hard time finding some good videos to do basketball drills? Look no further! We decided to put together a quick guide with some videos made by several YouTubers to help with finding some at home drills.

Conditioning Drills

Part of every practice we have at Ares Basketball, we include some sort of conditioning. These 5 basketball strength exercises shared by THINCPRO Basketball are a perfect way to get ready to go into your at home basketball drills. Here are some workout techniques the video covers:

  • Pushup tri-extentions
  • Air squats
  • Supermans
  • Lunges in place
  • V-up toe touches

Dribbling Drills

These next 4 videos can be combined for some awesome at home dribbling drills. Getting down these basketball drills in the comfort of your own home, will help you drive the defender crazy on the basketball court!

Daily Basketball Drills No Matter What!

In this first video, Coach Jesse from Get Handles Basketball goes over some basic warmup drills to get you going with the basketball and progresses into some more difficult ball handling drills. His tips through out the video we found very useful.

Top 3 Basketball Dribbling Drills at Home

Coach Howard with Howard Elite Basketball does a good job showing some fundamental basketball dribbling drills you can do at home with limited space. His “Top 3 Dribbling Drills at Home” video covers how to properly pound the ball and work through the drills. Combining this drill along with the first set by Coach Jesse will get you a really good dribbling workout.

Dribbling Drills at my Home…Bathroom?

The point here is that you can do some work even in your bathroom at home or even at the hotel room you may be vacationing at. Not working on your basketball handling drills is not excuse. Try adding some of these drills into your dribbling drill workout at home.

Hips and Footwork Drills at Home

Coach Tim from EGTBasetball goes over 3 drills you can add into your workout at home. Combining these drills will really help with your handling on the court.

Pivot Drills at Home

Pivots, pivots, pivots. Having a good pivot will change your game. The pivot is underutilized and underestimated. Adding pivots in your daily at home drills routine will only help.

Coach Collin from ShotMechanics goes over some great tips on how to use your pivot and the importance if it. Through the video, he will show how to go into a shot so you will have to modify what you can and can’t do. What stood out the most is the instruction of using a low ball rip, a mid rip, and an over the head rip that can really move a defender giving you more room to work with.

Now, get out there (or inside your house) and grid!

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