Five Basketball Training Tips for Players

As a basketball coach, I understand the importance of training. However, most importantly as a former player, I remember how training can be. In order to be good at anything, training is a big part of the process. Basketball is no different than anything else you want to become good at or good enough to enjoy. The question is…

How do You Separate Your Basketball Training from Everyone Else?

As simple as the answer may seem, it is not an easy road. You MUST train at a high level and have patience in your growth as a basketball player. Being persistent and never giving up is key to your success in mastering each skill set you need to be a well rounded basketball player. Here are five basketball training tips for players:

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1. Set High Standards

Having goals and standards will only help push yourself. Have higher standards than what those around expect from you. Setting that example will only build self confidence and confidence in those around you. Set the bar high!

2. Be the Most Enthusiastic

There is always room for someone who brings enthusiasm to the game. In group settings that goes a long way. People are drawn to folks who make stuff fun. Those around you will want to train with you and harder.

3. Be the Hardest Worker

Go out and train as hard as you can and try to out work everyone. Have a high work ethic and be proud of it. Training and running drills at a high intensity and game speed will only improve your game over time.

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4. Never Give Up

There is no limit to what you can do or accomplish. If you fail try again! Without failure we cannot learn. We all fail at some point in our life but it’s what we learn from it that will help us next time. Don’t ever quit!

5. Patience

Success cannot happen over night. It can be boring to go through the same basic drills. It can seem repetitive and monotonous at times, but slow is fast. Celebrate and appreciate even the smallest improvements you see in your training and in your game.

Now that you are prepared to start your basketball training, always remember the 5 key tips shared with you. Don’t worry if you do not know something. Keep at it and you will reach your goals before you know it.

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