Importance of Photography and Basketball

Ares Basketball at Peaceful Warriors tournament in Stockton CA.

Before becoming a basketball coach or the Director of Ares Basketball, sports photography took up most of my free time. Covering all types of sporting events, it became apparent to me that photography and sports go hand in hand.

Why is Photography so Important in Sports?

When covering sports on assignment or as a side gig, at first I did it because I love sports period. However, overtime I realized that without photography, people would not be able to see what the athlete is all about.

With social media becoming such a big platform to share your story, it can make or break an athlete’s career. What you say and what you show matters more than some may even imagine. Over and over again we will hear an athlete get in trouble on social media for sharing their thoughts or a non appropriate photo that leads them into trouble.

What Should I Post on Social Media as a Basketball Player?

Ares Basketball at Peaceful Warriors tournament in Stockton CA.

Keep it Clean

  • Post Action Photos – the more action the better. Look for any action shot you can find of your athlete playing the game.
  • Post Creative Photos – find or take photos of the other things that happen at training and the game. Show how you can see the finer things that happen and that you appreciate those moments.
  • Post Training Photos – that is right, showoff that you train on the weekends and on your off-time. Showcase that you are a dedicated player and you will do anything to get better.

Do College Recruiters Really Check Social Media Accounts?


College recruiters, coaches, camps, athletic directors, parents, friends, EVERYONE checks your social media especially instagram. So the cleaner you keep it and focus on your goals, opportunities will open. Several of our Ares players have been using their instagram accounts to get their name out there and have seen success. The more content you post, the more eyes will see your athlete’s talents.

Ares Basketball at Peaceful Warriors tournament in Stockton CA.

How can I get Photos of my Athlete Playing Basketball

Use what you have!

If you go to all games, bring your phone! Start somewhere and grow from there. Some parents will invest heavily by purchasing good photo and video equipment because some basketball gyms are known to be dark.

See if tournaments sell their images!

Some of the bigger tournaments and exposure camps we will attend sell their photos and video highlights of games. They can be costly but it saves you doing the extra work and investing heavily in equipment.

Ask if your Basketball Organization Offers Photos

If you are a member of Ares Basketball, we got you covered. We are lucky enough to have already invested in the equipment and an awesome parent to take photos at every event they can make. We have made an album called “Ares Basketball” where you can find all the photos we take on our photo website. You can find these photos by visiting our photo website here:

All proceeds from the images we sell go back into the Ares Basketball organization.


Every athlete who wants to take their sport serious should invest in building out their social media resume. With the ever growing audience and ease of use, adding videos and photos on what is available will help the athlete be followed and noticed by peers, coaches, and recruiters alike.

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